What is Wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing, Wingboarding, Winging are different names for the newest windsport on the scene. Wingsurfing has slowly been developing and isn’t Wingsurfing fun on Mauiyet on most peoples radar. Just in the last year or two Wingsurfing has begun to emerge on the windsports scene. As usual, Maui is at the forefront of this new wind-powered sport. Our team have been building and testing gear, and developing our wingsurf lesson program for several years, and we and now offer wingsurfing gear and specialty wingsurfing lessons. Wingsurfing can be relatively easy to learn, and we now have the tools to make it accessible to anyone reasonably fit and willing to learn. When wingsurfing you can can use a variety of boards, from stable SUP boards all the way up to advanced foilboards. The choice of board depends on your skill set and the conditions you want to ride in. This sport already appeals to all manner of people, young and old, the serious, and the laid-back casual riders. The secret of the sport is a simple and pure wing system. The wing is less complicated than a kite, and lighter than a windsurf sail. You can also ride in less wind than traditional kiteboards, or windsurfers.  People who are getting into wingsurfing are coming from a variety of backgrounds and sports, including Stand up paddle boarding, foilboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and kiting. But many people are interested in this as their very first wind sport or water sport. Some of our students have never been in the ocean before and are learning to wingsurf. But beware, once people try the sport they often become addicted to it. It is a lot of fun and definitely worth trying it and experience it for yourself.   



WingSurfing: Wingsurfing is the fastest growing water sport right now. Still in its infancy, it is quickly making a huge impact on the watersports world. Windsurfing is a cross between windsurfing and kiteboarding, that borrows the best of both worlds. We a hand-held symmetrical wing to power a SUP board or foilboard. Wings and wingskiing has been around for 15-20 years however recent improvements in Wing design, combined with the rise of foilboards, have propelled this new sport into the spotlight. Wingsurfing has already taking off and is quickly attracting followers. Some people describe wingsurfing is less extreme than kiteboarding with more freedom than windsurfing, which adds to its general appeal.

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IKO Kiteboarder vCard

New IKO Phone App and Kiteboarder vCard

Each registered IKO member has their own vCard on their App.
To access the vCard, the student/kiter has to download the IKO App on their phone, sign in to the app with their IKO account (same as on the website) and click on the vCard button to show their current certification.

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Action Sports Maui Gallery

Action Sports Maui Gallery

December on Maui

Winter Solstice December 21st.

December is the wettest month in Hawaii, which is great as most of the islands have been in drought for a long time, this gives our aquifers a chance to recharge, and many parts of our island get to go green again.

December is also a time of winter waves and swell. Maui gets its biggest waves in the winter and hosts several big wave surfing contests. In December you might also catch a glimpse of some island snow on the volcanoes of the Big Island, or you might even see some Snow atop Haleakala here on Maui. December is also whale season so there are all types of whale watching tours, and submarine tours run all year round.Continue reading

Kite Trips Maui

Discover the exciting world of Maui kiteboarding:  We host Kite trips to Maui for all levels of Kiters and non-kiting family members. If you want to Kite every day in great conditions or mix Kiting with some sightseeing and cultural activities we have a plan to suit you. Each Kite Trip is customized to your needs and budget. We can arrange everything so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Maui is known as one of the most reliable and best kiteboarding locations on the planet, with warm side shore winds and accessible ocean and a range of conditions to suit every rider.Continue reading

Maui Weather Blog Today

** These predictions are for the generalized (Tradewind) airflow across the state, and localized mechanical wind effects (trees etc), and intermittent variables (rain/venturi/clouds/etc.) also need to be considered. 

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Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital

Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital: Other islands have their highlights, Big island has great Diving, Kauai has great hiking, and Oahu has its famous surfing. But only Maui has all of these sports and More. Maui’s natural elements are a water-sports paradise with accessible ocean, waves, wind, and warm water. Maui’s Leeward shores are great for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, and diving, SUP and learning to surf. And the windward shores have the more extreme conditions for the serious watersports men, Kiteboarding, Windsurf, Big Surf, and advanced SUP, Prone paddling, and more.  But it doesn’t stop there, Maui also has land based adventure sports like Downhill Biking, Hiking, Zip-lines, Paragliding, even ATVs, and Rappelling. There are also many other Exciting Adventures that are not strictly “sports” but adrenaline pumping activities nonetheless like; Helicopter rides, Harley Rides, Ultralight flights, Cave tours, Submarine Rides, Parasailing, Jetskiing, and more. There are also some less extreme activities for the rest of the family to enjoy like, Guided Hikes, Hana Tours, Farm Tours, Goat Farm, Waterfalls, Exploring, Snorkeling, Swimming, Bicycle rides, Segways, Electric bikes, Skateboard parks, Rollerblading, boat tours, sailing trips, the Maui Aquarium, scenic drives, and Haleakala sunrises.

for more information on Activities to Do on Maui go here.

Shore Break Warning

Shorebreak Warning: Watch out for shore break. Especially when the tide is high and the swell is up. There tends to be more shore break. Shore break is waves breaking into the shoreline, and they can be especially dangerous even when they are small. Take care when crossing through the shore break, and do not linger there. Get in and get out quickly, do not lose your footing, and definitely do not drop your kite in the shore break. Also, watch out for logs and debris in the shore-break, even rocks can get thrown around and hit you. Your board too can become a projectile if it gets caught in the shore-break. If you do drop a kite or board in the shore-break, be very careful trying to retrieve it. Don’t get caught in-between the object and the shoreline when there is a wave behind it, or it will run you over. people can get pinned under their kites or sails when the wave piles water on top of it. Note: Don’t be holding onto any kite lines as a wave hits the kite because the sudden force will cause it to wrench out of your hands too. Moving water contains a lot of energy, so make sure that you do not get in-between the moving water (wave) and the shoreline. the other danger with shore-break is getting flipped over and dumped on your head. This is super common because you will have no traction on the sea floor once you become buoyed up in the water. Key Point Recap: Shore-break is dangerous, Shore-break happens at high tide during a big swell. Do not linger in the shore-break zone. Don’t drop kite or board in shore-break. Logs, rocks, and boards can become projectiles in shore-break. Objects like kites and sails are almost impossible to hold onto in the shore break and become dangerous. Never hold onto kite lines in the shore-break. There is a high risk of getting flipped over onto your head and injured.

For More Kite Safety Tips Go To Kitesafe.com

Climate Change Maui

Climate Change Maui: There is a lot of confusion about climate change. There are anthropogenic (man-made) factors that affect climate, like greenhouse gasses, deforestation, and pollution. This is a worldwide problem but has to be managed locally as well. Reducing our carbon footprint using renewable resources like solar and wind energy, as well as recycling and reusing materials rather than throwing materials away after a single use. Also being mindful of not causing harm to the ecosystem by over using toxic agricultural chemicals. Also eating less meat (reduces greenhouse gasses and deforestation) and would be a major step in slowing Global WarmingContinue reading

Hurricanes in Hawaii

What is a hurricane? 

A hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone, which forms over tropical or subtropical waters. … Tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surface winds of less than 39 miles per hour (mph) are called tropical depressions.Jul 5, 2017

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Kiteboarding Gear Rentals

Kiteboarding Gear Rentals

We have Kiteboarding Gear Rentals available for experienced persons only.  Bring your IKO Kiteboarder Card as proof of ability, or do a checkout ride with one of our instructors. We have the latest gear available. Rent a complete setup, Kite Only or Board Only. Prebook kite gear with us to ensure availability.Continue reading