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Surfing is a great way to get in touch with the ocean. Our experienced instructors will give you their personal attention and share the surfing experience with you. Learning to surf could be the beginning of your new lifelong passion. We offer a range of classes for individuals and the whole family.

Action Sports Surf School is a full service surfing School since 1996, with all levels of Surfing lessons and Adventures. We teach the sport of surfing and impart to each student a sense of respect for the ocean. Each lesson is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and skills that they will need to enter the ocean responsibly and safely at their particular level.  Our beginner surfing area located on Maui’s south shore, in a 20 acre Marine Park that offers a variety of surf breaks to suit different levels of surfers and changing ocean conditions. Check out our lesson programs listed below or click on one of our surfing links at the bottom of this page for our: Surf Camps, Travel, Surf Reports and Online Ocean Education.

Instructor - David Dorn


Since 1996 we have taught thousands
of people to ride the waves,

One unique individual at a time!

We supply safe, soft, stable surfboards that are easy to balance, paddle, stand and surf on . To suit all ages and abilities

Our beginner surf class is an ideal family activity. The average student will be up and surfing in their first lesson

Advanced surfers can tackle the larger waves on the north shore with our instructor guides on the Surfari.

We search the whole Island to get a variety of waves to ride from very easy to extra challenging.


Hawaii is famous for its big waves, but Hawaii also has some of the easiest to ride waves in the world that are perfect for learning to surf. We make Surfing easy to learn with our simple instruction and easy-to-ride Long boards. We use the best Soft-top construction surfboards that are safe, easy to use and fun to ride. Our hard working experienced Instructors are surfing right with you in the water giving encouragement and guidance. Our instructors will show you how to share, respect and enjoy the ocean.

Now you can book your lessons online using our Online Booking System. When you have made your Online reservation, you will receive  confirmation emails and details regarding your lessons, and your receipt. Call us 24 hours before your lesson for the wind & Wave check, and to re-confirm your lesson times.

Beginner Surf Special "Bring a buddy" 2hrs Only $55.00 pp (+ Tax) 
For a limited time Get our Special Price when you book two or more Surfers for our Regular Beginner Surf Class.

Save $10 per couple.
  Share the joy and Bring your buddy and SAVE!

Beginner Surf Classes "Just do it !" 2 hours $59.00 pp (+ Tax) 
This is our most popular single day lesson. Special price now only $59.00 pp (was $69pp). The emphasis in these small group classes is on fun and safety. The water is warm 78 degrees (25.5c), and the waves are fun and inviting. We guarantee that you will have fun in this class. Don't worry if you are a slow learner, or an athlete no problems we pace the lesson for your needs. Our friendly instructors will help you to enjoy the learning experience. Our small group sizes ensure that each student gets plenty of attention. You get a choice of boards that are stable and easy ride. We supply your the gear: Surfboards, water shoes and a SPF 50 lycra shirt to wear. *You can even keep your board to ride after the lesson (adults only). Just bring your towel, sunscreen and something to drink. We run these classes 6 days a week*.  Start times 8am, 10:30am.

Intermediate Surf Class "Go for it" 2 hours $89.00 pp (+ Tax) 
In this group* lesson, we show you how to catch more waves, read the waves and ride more waves. Including going down the line, turning and trimming. There is always more to learn. We supply the wave action, and instruction you supply the attitude. This is a great follow on class from our Beginner Surf Classes or for the self taught surfer. Surfing with an Instructor is safe and rewarding, especially when you are surfing new locations for the first time. In this class basic longboards are included (shortboards available separately). You are welcome to bring along your own board or you can rent a surfboard from the shop at a discount with the lesson.

Advanced Surf Class "Surf Progression" 2 hours $156.00 (+ Tax) 
Advanced surfing classes (semi-private and private only) we show you how to take off on steeper more powerful waves, Duck diving, and power take offs give you the mobility to take on larger surf. Learn how to make turns in the critical section of the wave. This is a great class for experienced, or self-taught surfers. Surfing with an Instructor/ guide saves valuable time, and will get you surfing better, faster. The lesson costs the same as the surfari. Bring your own board or rent a surfboard from the shop at a discount with the lesson.

SURFARI "The search for perfection" From $240.00 (+ Tax)  3-hrs ($80.00/hour)
Our Instructor/Guides take you on a private surfing adventure to the hard to get to and un-crowded surfing spots of Maui. Finding the best waves that Maui has to offer. Surfari is available for intermediate and advanced surfers only. (sorry no beginners). You decide what level you want to surf and your guide gets you there. You can even surf at several locations in a single day. We recommend our Surfari to the hard-core surfer and to surfers with a little more time and a spirit of adventure. We recommend between two to three hours for the surfari, additional surfers add $100ea. (Minimum time 3 hours). Please call ahead for our surf forecast, and to setup your surfari with your guide.

KIDS LESSONS "First Steps" $55.00 (+ Tax)  1.5hour
Our first experiences with the ocean usually shape our attitude towards it for the rest of life. It is so important to get kids off to a fun and safe start. Our Instructors take your kids (as young as 5) on a specialized class designed to get kids stoked. Young kids lessons can be taught as private sessions or in groups of similar ages. They will catch and ride waves on their first lesson (with a little help from the instructor). They will have a satisfying sense of accomplishment and a connection to the ocean that they will always remember.


KIDS SURF CAMP "3day Camp" $195.00 (+ Tax)  3hrs/day
Our kids surf camps run through summer Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday each week. Ages 5-15 can participate, some swimming skills are essential. We supply the surfboards, shoes, and lycra shirts. Kids learn about the ocean, and how to ride safely. We have a great practice zone that has mellow waves and is close enough to shore so the parents can view all the action. Our instructors are super kid friendly and the kids are guaranteed to have a great time. Some kids will want to come back for multiple weeks. the groups are usually a 50/50 mix of local kids and visitors. (Pictured on the right is a summer kids surf camp)


Our first experiences with the ocean usually shape our attitude towards it for the rest of life. It is so important to get kids off to a fun and safe start.

SURF GROUPS  "Bring your crew" 
We can customize an event for your group. School holidays, corporate travel, wedding parties, family reunions, sports teams and corporate activities. We can accommodate group sizes 6-30. All ages are welcome. Once in a lifetime experience or make it an annual event. Send us and email with a description of your special group and your dates. We will create a customized program that is exciting and memorable for you. Larger groups must be arranged well in advance. All surfers must be able to swim and be adequate physical condition for the activity. For details see our terms and conditions page. Call ahead for seasonal weather information and our extended surf forecasts. Call or email for a quote. (No online bookings).

School holidays, corporate travel, sports teams and corporate activities. We can accommodate group sizes 6-30. All ages are welcome.

Stand-Up SURFING  "SUP SURFING" 1.5 hrs  $59.00pp+Tax 
Stand Up Paddle Surfing aka "Stand Up" (SUP) surfing has become a very popular modern surfing style. SUP has a distinctive Hawaiian style. SUP Standup can now be enjoyed by anyone, no experience required. We start you out with a short 5minute land lesson, then learn the basics in calmer water, before setting out for a tour around the reef. You will love this surfing style. Our experienced instructor/watermen will take you through the basics in our 1.5 hour beginner group lesson. *Got Energy? If you have the endurance you can keep the board longer after you lesson, just ask. For the advanced SUPers we offer an extended downwind coast run. All equipment is provided. These classes is suitable for all ages, and no experience is required. (Private $140.00). Call ahead to make a reservation. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

Surf School "Aquatic Education" 3-day $175 pp+Tax, 5-day $285pp+Tax 
Take a series of classes in our three-day and five-day courses. Your teachers create a customized series of lessons to boost your progress and give you a variety of skills. Every day is different allowing for a deeper understanding of the sport of surfing. You can request to keep the same instructor, or have a different one each day for variety. These courses can suit the rank amateur or the student with some previous experience. Courses run seven days a week year-round.

Just take your time, enjoy the learning experience, there is no pressure. When you are having fun you will want to keep coming back for more. If you are a quick learner athlete type, good for you, you can learn at your own pace as our instructors keep you challenged and the program progressive.

SURF HOLIDAY  "Live the surfing lifestyle" 
Stay in surfing paradise with surfing styled accommodations on the ocean. Surf everyday and luau every night. Surf Vacations run all year and include; lessons, equipment, activities, and accommodations. Stay a few nights, several weeks, or a couple of months. Surf vacations are great for family groups with all levels of instruction (in all our sports) available to you. It will be a special vacation to remember.

Stay in surfing paradise with surfing styled accommodations on the ocean. Surf everyday and luau every night.

To make your reservation, call: 1 (808) 871-5857   

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