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Dear Traveler,
Maui is a world Mecca for extreme sports. Rugged volcanic geography, strong trade winds and huge pacific swells make Maui an extreme athlete's paradise. Maui is sometimes called the "
Click for larger Map.Valley Isle". The distinctive valley that runs between the "West Maui Mountains", and "Haleakala" creates a wind tunnel effect not found on the other islands. This makes Maui the number one Island for wind sports in Hawaii. Maui's unique geography offers a huge variety of climates and weather conditions; hot and dry desert to tropical rain forest, there is even cool alpine climate at 3-5000 foot elevations (known as "upcountry"). Maui's natural environment has inspired many Eco Tours and Eco Activities. If you are a first time visitor to Maui you should try to choose your accommodation in a location that is compatible with the type of activities you plan to enjoy here on Maui. There is every kind of accommodation available from the five-star resort hotels in Wailea, to the tree houses in rural Hana, and everything in between. There are luxury oceanfront homes and cute "O'hana" family style cottages. Most of our guests will prefer to stay close to the central valley to have a short drive to the watersports activities. Our featured accommodations are popular self-contained condominiums that offer great value and comfort, and suit the majority of our guests.
Congratulations Maui!!
It's no surprise to us that for the fourteenth year Maui was voted the “Best Island in the World” in the Conde Nast Traveler readers choice award poll. The island of Maui is surrounded by 120 miles of coastline and over 30 miles of sandy beach. Kapalua bay has been voted "the best beach in America" with D.T. Flemming Beach voted the "fifth best beach in America".  Some of the nicest beaches are hidden in front of the five star resorts but all Maui's beaches are free and open to the public so you can make your self at home on any beach you choose.  Be sure to look for the blue "beach access" signs that indicate the correct rights-of-way past hotels, condominiums and beside other private property.  Maui is an amazing island where you can choose to snorkel or dive in the flat calm waters on the south shore or try windsurfing or kiteboarding in the howling 35 knot trade winds on the north shore.  Each beach is unique, and offers different conditions. So a little local knowledge will go a long way to help you find the right beaches to suit your particular activity. Whichever type of beach you prefer you are certain to find somewhere special while visiting us on Maui.

Most watersports enthusiasts will choose either, South Shore (Kihei) or North shore (Paia, Haiku) to stay close to the action. Wailea in the far south has the best resort style hotels. Centrally located Kihei offers comfortable condo style Mahalo nui loa, (Thank you very much) accommodation close to shops and restaurants. The North Shore suits a more isolated laid-back style with "ohana" (family) cottage-style accommodations, but you can also pay more if you prefer to stay in some luxury oceanfront homes. To discuss all your accommodation options and travel needs, call or email one of our friendly staff. Get the inside scoop and local knowledge. Maui is ready and waiting to offer you the vacation of a lifetime.
Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much), Suzie

 i stayed at your place last year at this time.. it was wonderful.. hoping you are available again this year.... Ahn.
Hi Suzie!
Thanks a lot for the great condo! We really enjoyed our stay in Maui and had a great time there. We often were windsurfing at Airport Beach and Spreks.... it was great.....!
Beside windsurfing we were often hiking, diving, shopping in Lahaina, surfing and of course we did the Road to Hana!
I'm sure that we will come back to Maui!  ;-)
ALOHA from Vienna!
Astrid, Martin, Barbara, Rene, Christian and Luzie

Hawaii is one of the most isolated and unique places on earth. The island chain stands on the worlds tallest mountain range. Two thirds of these giant volcanic sea mounts lie beneath the ocean, and rising some 20,000 feet from the sea floor, to expose their peaks as the islands we call Hawaii.  Ancient Polynesian mariners settled on the islands hundreds of years ago. They developed an extremely sophisticated society based on the land (Aina) and sea (Kai). The ocean was (and still is) revered as a sacred place, for fishing, aquaculture, and the recreational pursuits of swimming, surfing, and sailing.  Every Hawaiian was closely linked to the ocean physically and spiritually. Kites too have long been flown in Oceania. At least four different kinds of kites existed in Hawai‘i: lupe manu, lupe la (round kites), lupe mahina (crescent moon-shaped) and lupe maoli—literally “genuine kites” of the diamond shape often associated with European varieties.
Hawaiians used their kites for recreation, fishing, and ceremonial purposes too.

Since western "contact" with Hawaii in the 1700'Click here for larger Map.s, more and more visitors have been drawn to the natural beauty of the islands and the inhabitants. Early sailors exposed to the beauty and culture would rather mutiny than leave paradise. Modern visitors will often feel the same way when they visit, and they won't want to leave. When you have been touched by the islands, you will never be quite the same. There is a Special Magic that exists in the islands that can only be experienced first hand. Remember that we are guests in the islands, and we have much to learn from the indigenous culture. Much that is sacred and special in the islands will never be found on a map, or in a travel guide. But will find its way to you when you have a quiet spirit and an open heart. You can travel around the islands for a lifetime and never see all there is to see and discover.

"The island of Maui is surrounded by 120 miles of coastline and over 30 miles of sandy beach.  There are over 81 accessible beaches on Maui, 30 beaches with public facilities island wide. Beaches vary from white coral sand to black volcanic sands, golden, grey, green and even red sand. With so many to choose from you are certain to find the perfect beach just for you."

The island of Maui is the second largest in the chain, and has the second largest population. Its permanent population in 2005 was 139000. In the same year it had 2.5 million visitors, a number which is growing every year. Maui still retains its distinctive charm, but it has matured over the last several decades, and now offers all of the amenities and luxuries that any sophisticated traveler would desire. This also makes for a more comfortable family vacation too. Many island visitors are second or third generation visitors, they have young families.

KITEBOARDING MAUI: The island of Maui, is quickly becoming the premier destination for beginning kiteboarders and is the proving ground for many of the world's best kiteboarding professionals. Wind Power is Eco friendly. Windsports like kiteboarding, sailing and windsurfing, are powered by Maui's most abundant and free renewable energy source, the Wind. The Venturi effect created by the valley between the West Maui Mountains (elev. 5788'-extinct volcano) and Haleakala (10023'- dormant volcano) results in a nearly year-round, side-onshore, 10-20 knot trade wind. Warm waters, beautiful sandy beaches and areas set aside solely for practicing kiteboarding make Maui one of the foremost kiteboarding spots in the world. The most common kite sizes for local riders range from 6 to 12 sq. meters for men and 5 to 10 sq. meters for women, in the spring and summer. In the late fall and winter, when the winds become less predictable, due to low and high pressure centers moving in and out of the area, sizes can range anywhere from 5 to 15 sq. meters.
Currently, there are several different areas where kitesurfers are launching.
The most popular is the western (downwind) end of
Kanaha Beach Park (known as "Kite Beach"). Kihei on the south shore, and the "west side" (above Lahaina) areas are also popular with advanced local kitesurfers. Each of these sites has its own unique challenges so we recommend, before jumping into your rental car at the airport and heading off with your equipment to ride, to check out our Beaches Page, read the safe kiteboarding guidelines brochure and maps. 

Aloha & Happy Kiteboarding,


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