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Maui Info

Maui Windsurfing Guide

“Whether you are are a windsurfing addict or a weekend warrior, you have probably discovered that Maui is a windsurfer’s paradise. This magical island has something to offer windsurfers of all levels; Beginners, Kids, First timers. All will like the tranquil waters in Maui’s bays and coves, or the extreme athletes will hit the waves…

Gear Guide

    Maui Gear & Equipment Guide EQUIPMENT GUIDE RECOMMENDED GEAR FOR YOUR LESSONS   GEAR GUIDE RECOMMENDED GEAR FOR AFTER YOUR LESSONS     EQUIPMENT GUIDE RECOMMENDED GEAR FOR YOUR LESSONS The learning experience is challenging enough without having the wrong gear. We have found that using equipment specifically designed for learning or chosen…

General Information

GENERAL INFORMATION Action Sports Maui is the center of Watersports Lessons and Ocean Sports Education, tours and adventures, and is Hawaii’s original kiteboarding center. For a quick overview of our school go to our “At a Glance” page. Our Instructors are full-time, well trained professionals that are dedicated to their sports; Surfing, Standup, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding….

Maui Kiteboarding Guidelines

MAUI KITEBOARDING GUIDELINES Please respect other water and beach users at all times. Learn the rules and guidelines before going out. Follow the local guidelines and always fly safely. When you kiteboard on Maui you are representing all kiteboarders. Your actions both good and bad will affect the rest of us. Sharing the ocean resources…