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December on Maui

Winter Solstice December 21st.

December is the wettest month in Hawaii, which is great as most of the islands have been in drought for a long time, this gives our aquifers a chance to recharge, and many parts of our island get to go green again.

December is also a time of winter waves and swell. Maui gets its biggest waves in the winter and hosts several big wave surfing contests. In December you might also catch a glimpse of some island snow on the volcanoes of the Big Island, or you might even see some Snow atop Haleakala here on Maui. December is also whale season so there are all types of whale watching tours, and submarine tours run all year round.

Maui Weather Blog Today

** These predictions are for the generalized (Tradewind) airflow across the state, and localized mechanical wind effects (trees etc), and intermittent variables (rain/venturi/clouds/etc.) also need to be considered.

Climate Change Maui

Climate Change Maui: There is a lot of confusion about climate change. There are anthropogenic (man-made) factors that affect climate, like greenhouse gasses, deforestation, and pollution. This is a worldwide problem but has to be managed locally as well. Reducing our carbon footprint using renewable resources like solar and wind energy, as well as recycling and reusing materials rather than throwing materials away after a single use. Also being mindful of not causing harm to the ecosystem by over using toxic agricultural chemicals. Also eating less meat (reduces greenhouse gasses and deforestation) and would be a major step in slowing Global Warming