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Local Kiteboarding Community

LOCAL SCENE: At Action Sports we have built a community of kiteboarders around our love for the sport. As the first school we have taken on a responsibility to the community to make the sport safer, and to foster responsible kiteboarding practices.

The Action Sports Difference

The Action Sports Difference


Expert Instructors

ASM is has the best and most experienced instructors on Maui, they are trained and *Certified under the internationally Recognized teaching standards. Action Sports Maui known globally for its highly trained instructors. Every single member of our team is professionally trained and certified, and has the experience to tailor the lessons to the individual Kiter.

First Flight

 First Flight – Intro class  1.5 hrs (group) $99.00 (+ Tax)                  Your first experience This lesson is the easiest way to try Kite flying! This is perfect for the first time kite flyer. Students learn the essential skills needed to fly kites, including safety, wind theory, hands-on kite-flying, and power control. This class is…

Kiteboarding Travel Tips




Master Kitesurfing Instructor, David Dorn, has been visiting the Islands for over thirty years and now lives here permanently. He knows from experience that traveling combined with Kitesurfing presents its own unique set of challenges. Use some or all of Dave’s tried and proven hints and you’ll survive many of the common pitfalls that beset the Maui greenhorn.

Why Choose Action Sports Maui

WHY CHOOSE ACTION SPORTS MAUI? Not all schools are the same. So when you are comparing schools you should look at the quality of the instruction, their track record, reputation, and the teaching methods they use. The first few lessons and hours that you spend learning will either make or break your future in the…

Protected: Kiteboarder Bar Technique

Control Bar Technique Kite Bar setup and Kiteboarder Bar Technique needs your respect and undivided attention. Preparing to launch is a serious time, and can make or break your session. There are many basic mistakes that people make, that can easily be corrected. Here is a checklist of the Good and the Bad, so you…

Protected: Kiteboarder Jump Zone

  Kiteboarder Jump Zone When you want to jump you must look to see if the area is clear of people and obstacles. We move in four dimensions, left/right upwind/downwind, high/low, and time. You should always share the water with other kiters, and give way to others when jumping. Keep in mind how much room…

Protected: Kiteboarder’s Blind Spot

  Kiteboarder’s Blind Spot Learning to deal with traffic on the water is not just about knowing the ROW rules. You should also take into account that kiteboarders have a large blind spot. If you ride in someone’s blind spot they cannot see you and you could become involved in an accident. More than meets…

Protected: Kiteboard Jump Technique

Kiteboard Jump Technique Learning to jump is easy if someone shows you how. Snowboarders and surfers may have some crossover when learning the jump. There are several components of the jump, the board steering, the body position, the sheeting of the kite, and the timing. You may want to practice the body positions in front…