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How to SUP Standup Paddle Surf

  How to Standup Paddle Surf – SUP by David Dorn. Standup PADDLE Surfing is a modern revival of an older surfing style from EARLY PART OF THEĀ  last century. The original INSPIRATION for this sport may have come from fishermen standing in their canoes and catching waves. This skill has now evolved into the sport we now know as Standup paddle boarding. Boards: Standup Boards are wider than regular surfboards, and usually have more volume. This adds to their stability at slow speeds. This is known a static stability. The greater the static stability the easier the board is to learn on. This simply put means bigger is better. When learning How to SUP Standup Paddle Surf, larger riders will want larger boards. Longer is not always more stable. Mostly it is the width that aids initial…