Kiteboard Private Training

Kiteboard Private Training Lessons

Our professional Certified kiteboarding Instructors can help you unleash your full Kiteboarding potential. We recommend getting customized Kiteboard Private Training. The Private Training lesson program is tailored to your individual needs. All levels of kiteboarding are available. Kiteboarding Private training sessions have a two-hour minimum. Reservations are required. We select one of our experienced instructors that best matches your instructional needs. Keep in mind that there are many ride styles and specialties. So we always recommend the best instructor for the job. All our senior instructors are IKO Certified Level2, and have logged hundreds of instructional hours and have heaps of local knowledge too.  

During your Kiteboard Private Training session you will discuss you goals with your instructor. Then he will talk about your background and current skill set, to best tailor the session. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient set of exercises and specific information to get you to your goals. You have the instructors undivided attention. If you are working towards a long term goal, we can schedule you for a series of private lessons with the same instructor for continuity. Tell us your goals when booking your private session and we will recommend a program to fit your needs. We schedule lessons to take advantage of the most suitable conditions for your needs. Our instructors are extremely popular and are in high demand. So if you want to schedule a multi-session with a particular instructor, please book all your lessons ahead of time.


Orientation Classes: If you have never ridden on Maui before we strongly recommend taking an Orientation class. Our instructors can ride with you, giving you on-water instruction, advice and assistance. We teach both directional and twin-tip ride styles. Four-line, Five-line, Bow-Kite, Foil-Kite techniques are available. You have access to our complete range of the latest equipment or you can bring your newly purchased equipment along for assembly, customizing and tune-up.

First Time in the Ocean? The is not your local river or lake, ocean kiting on Maui has its own set of rules and environmental factors. We suggest an “Ocean Orientation lesson” to show you the safest way to ride in the ocean. Ask for our “Ocean kiting 101” lesson.

First Time in the Waves? before getting yourself mangled in the “washing machine”, or venturing unwittingly into the “impact zone”, please be aware that there is a bunch of special knowledge you need to know for riding safely in these conditions. Book one of our private sessions for an “Intro to Waves”.

We can arrange inter-island lessons: inter-island instruction available, we can teach anywhere in the state of Hawaii. Ask about our “interisland-instructor network”, and our Oahu Kiteboarding school. International instruction courses are available by arrangement, through the IKO International Kiteboarding Organization school network, or we can arrange for our own instructors to travel on request.

On-water training: For advanced skills we can ride alongside you and give on water instruction, and provide instant feedback. Our skilled senior instructors can provide water support and tow in and rescue riders when needed. This is the best way to explore the local ride areas and do a guided ride along lesson, book a  Kiteboard Private Training Lesson.

Kiteboard Private Training, Kiteboard Private Training, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports MauiRadio Coaching: In addition to our other coaching techniques, we have added Radio coaching for advanced students. With radio coaching the student gets real-time instruction and immediate feedback. Using radio equipped helmets the instructor can communicate with the student during each run, rather than waiting for the student to return to shore in between runs.

*Since 2011 we are proud to be working with the worlds top Radio Helmet producers including Headzone™ radio helmets from Australia. Headzone™ are the worlds leading sports radio helmets. We have radio helmets available for every student, to enhance the learning experience. Your instructor’s voice stays with you, giving the vital feedback when you need it. With radio helmet instruction, you are never alone.

Radio Coaching Update 2018: We have now added New 4-Way Radio Communication. Our latest Helmets now include true 4-way communication. So you can talk back and forth to your instructor while on the water. *Add $30 to any lesson for radio Coaching.

Video Instruction: Ask about our video instruction services. Your instructor can record parts of your session for playback and analysis during your lesson. We use land based and water based cameras. and can play back and slow-motion the critical sections of the recordings to help you improve. We find students with instant video feedback they will improve from 30% up to 50% faster than without it.


Kiteboard Foilboarding:

Foilboarding, kitefoiling, foiling, hydrofoiling, are different names for one of the fastest growing segments of the sport of kiteboarding.

Kitefoilboarding Lessons by Action Sports Maui

Why are foilboards becoming so popular? kite foilboards, are super efficient and can go in much lighter winds than conventional equipment. This means that kiteboarding is more accessible for people living in light wind areas. It also means that people can kite more often, and when their schedule allows. A kite foilboard points much higher into the wind (like a raceboard), and is great for people racing around an upwind-downwind course. Foils are being raced on local and national levels, and even have a world racing series. Foils may even be the next kiteboard to be selected for Olympic competition. Foils are not just for going fast. Foilboards are also being used for freeriding, freestyle and waves. 

Foilboarding Lessons: We now offer introductory Kite-foilboarding Lessons on Maui. Each Kiteboard Private Training lesson is taught according to the student’s needs. Kitefoilboarding can be very difficult and time consuming to master on your own. Our lessons provide the best way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your kite foilboarding experience more enjoyable. To get the most of your foilboard lesson, students should already be comfortable riding and jibing a directional surfboard. Click here for more info on Foilboard Lessons 

Directional Board Riding

Kiteboard Private Training, Kiteboard Private Training, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui

Directional boards are fun in light winds, and open the doors to waves with a real surfing feel. Directional Boards aka Surfboards, can either be ridden with footstraps, or “strapless”. There are unique skills for riding the directional, boards that can be learned in our specialty training sessions. 

Directional Riding Lessons: We offer lessons in: “Directional board riding 101, Riding Strapless, Turning and jibing the directional, and Riding waves with the directional, as well as jumping and freestyle. Our lessons provide the best and fastest way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your Directional board riding experience more enjoyable.

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