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Wingsurfing Lessons: Wingsurf, Wingboarding, Winging are different names for the newest windsport on the scene, Wingsurfing has slowly been developing and isn’t yet on most peoples radar. Just in the last year Wingsurfing has emerged on the windsports scene. As usual, Maui is at the forefront of this new sport. We have been testing and developing our wingsurf program for several years and now offer wingsurfing gear and wingsurfing lessons. Wingsurfing is relatively easy to learn. Wingsurfing can use a variety of boards, from stable SUP boards all the way up to advanced foilboards. This sport appeals to all manner of people. It is a simple and pure wing system, that is less complicated than a kite, and more versatile then a windsurf sail. Our lessons include the gear. Beginner lessons we use a stepped progression to make the learning curve fun and motivating.

, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui

Why is Wingsurfing becoming so popular? Wingsurfing is new and exciting s many people are trying it who come from the similar sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding. But we also see a lot of crossover from Standup paddleboards, who want to go out when the wind comes up. But we are starting to see new people coming into wingsurfing who have never done any other watersport. No experience is necessary, as long as you can swim.  

Wingsurfing Lessons: We now offer all levels of training, from introductory to advanced Wingsurfing Lessons. Each lesson session is taught according to the student’s needs. Wingsurfing can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to master on your own. However, our training program provides a safer, faster, way to learn guaranteed. Lessons include; theory, tips, skills, and safety. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your kite wingsurfing experience more enjoyable.

, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui

Advanced Wingsurf Foilboarding Lessons: Our master instructor David Dorn offers advanced and specialty training in all forms of Wingsurfing including Wingsurf foilboarding. Contact Suzie or David to put together a custom program to help you reach your goals. Classes range from 2 hour ride-along and tune-up sessions, up to 2 week-long progressive training courses.

Wingsurfing Lessons & Courses:

Private Lessons  $130.00 (per hour, 2 hour minimum)

Private Lessons with David Dorn (full-day, 5hrs) $650.00

Wingsurf 3-day Course (6 hours total)  $780.00 (plus tax)

Wingsurf 5-day Course (10 hours total)  $1250.00 (plus tax)

*Upgrade any session to 4-way Radio Lesson +$30/session.

, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui
, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui


The 3-day course takes 6 hrs divided into 3 lessons:

Lessons typically include the following skills:

  • Lessons typically include the following skills:
  • Setup the wing and make adjustments.
  • Safety steps for wingsurf.
  • Core skills of Winging.
  • Launching with the wingboard.
  • Wing and board handling in the water.
  • Riding and tacking.
  • Turning and transitions.
  • Deep water restart.
  • Self-rescue.
  • Upwing Riding.
  • + more

3day Wingsurf Course  +$780.00 (plus tax)

The 5-day course takes 10 hrs divided into 5 lessons:

Depending on your starting point we can cover all of the core skills above, and progress to more advanced skills.

  • Basic Transitions
  • Heelside Turns
  • Toeside Turns
  • Toeside Riding
  • Intro to Waves
  • Sailing Tactics
  • Speed Control
  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Safety is always covered
  • Special Wing Skills
  • Technique Correction

5-day Course  +$1250.00 (plus tax)

Our Wing selection: includes the latest gear from Dragonfly Freewing.

, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui

, Wingsurfing, Action Sports Maui, Action Sports Maui