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About Action Sports Maui

Who We Are

Action Sports Maui is the center of Watersports Lessons and Ocean Sports Education, tours and adventures, and is Hawaii’s original kiteboarding center, and Wingsurf school. Our Surf, Wind, Kite, Wing, Instructors are full-time, well trained professionals that are dedicated to their sports.

We are located on Maui’s south shore.  We offer a range of lessons to suit every surfer. Our surfing school has been established since 1996, dedicated to offering the best quality surfing and SUP lessons. Our experience has come from teaching the sport of surfing, and sharing our appreciation for the ocean to each and every student that we work with. The personalized lesson is in keeping with the traditional teaching approach to surfing. Our beginner surfing area is in a “Marine Park” that offers a variety of surf breaks to suit different levels of surfers and changing conditions. The beginner surf class is an ideal family activity.  The average student will be up and surfing in their first lesson.  A range of board sizes are available to suit individual surfers. Advanced surfers can tackle the larger waves with our instructor guides on the “Surfari”.

kids windsurfing

Our instructors study the wave conditions and take the guesswork out of where to surf. Each surf break has its own character which is explained to every student. Knowing where to surf and how to ride the break is a huge advantage to surfers of all levels. In addition to sharing their local knowledge with you, the instructors show you how to “read the wave break” when surfing a new location for the first time. This is a fundamental skill every surfer should know.

All Equipment is supplied. Our board selection includes lightweight Black Tip Foam Surfboards, and quality “Soft-top” surfboards from Surtech™. And a full range of selected SUP Standup paddle boards. These boards combine a high performance epoxy/styrofoam construction which is lightweight, with a comfortable layer of EVA foam on the deck. We have a range of sizes in our quiver, from the larger and most stable cruisers, to the smaller more agile performance boards. *Specialty boards are available from our rental store or by request.   *Digital on-water Photography & on-water Video service is available by request.