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IKO Kiteboarder vCard

New IKO Phone App and Kiteboarder vCard

Each registered IKO member has their own vCard on their App.
To access the vCard, the student/kiter has to download the IKO App on their phone, sign in to the app with their IKO account (same as on the website) and click on the vCard button to show their current certification.

December on Maui

Winter Solstice December 21st.

December is the wettest month in Hawaii, which is great as most of the islands have been in drought for a long time, this gives our aquifers a chance to recharge, and many parts of our island get to go green again.

December is also a time of winter waves and swell. Maui gets its biggest waves in the winter and hosts several big wave surfing contests. In December you might also catch a glimpse of some island snow on the volcanoes of the Big Island, or you might even see some Snow atop Haleakala here on Maui. December is also whale season so there are all types of whale watching tours, and submarine tours run all year round.

Kite Trips Maui

Discover the exciting world of Maui kiteboarding:  We host Kite trips to Maui for all levels of Kiters and non-kiting family members. If you want to Kite every day in great conditions or mix Kiting with some sightseeing and cultural activities we have a plan to suit you. Each Kite Trip is customized to your needs and budget. We can arrange everything so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Maui is known as one of the most reliable and best kiteboarding locations on the planet, with warm side shore winds and accessible ocean and a range of conditions to suit every rider.

Maui Weather Blog Today

** These predictions are for the generalized (Tradewind) airflow across the state, and localized mechanical wind effects (trees etc), and intermittent variables (rain/venturi/clouds/etc.) also need to be considered.

Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital

Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital: Other islands have their highlights, Big island has great Diving, Kauai has great hiking, and Oahu has its famous surfing. But only Maui has all of these sports and More. Maui’s natural elements are a water-sports paradise with accessible ocean, waves, wind, and warm water. Maui’s Leeward shores are great…