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Ocean Tides in Maui

Maui Tides

In general Tides only vary about 2 feet in range, While this is a small amount it makes a big difference because the water is shallow in many places and the reef can get close to the surface or exposed at low tides. At high tides, beaches become narrow and will have more shore-break. Pay attention to the tide times for a better safer session.

Maui has a relatively small tide due to its latitude with a normal daily variation of about 2 feet. We have a semi-diurnal tide, with two highs and two lows per day. Tides will vary with the moon phases. Spring tides on the Full Moon and New Moon, and Neap tides in the first quarter and third quarter moon. On the island, the different sides of the island will experience their tides at slightly different times, with Kihei and Kanaha can be up to 1 or 2 hours apart. In summer we can experience King Tides which are higher than usual high tides due to the influence of the sun.

Hawaii has Mixed, mainly semidiurnal (MSD) tides. With two unequal high tides and two unequal low tides per tidal day; this is called a mixed tide and the difference in height between successive high (or low) tides is called the diurnal inequality.

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