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Maui's Weather

Learn About Maui's Weather

Knowing the current Maui weather conditions is vital to our successful participation in all water sports. Predicting where and when the conditions will be good will help us to get the most from our sessions. Knowing when the weather will be bad is vital for safety, and knowing when to stay out of the ocean. For the current wind conditions and the surf report, do what I do and call the closest surf shop. They can usually give you the actual observed conditions. For safety reasons you should always be aware of: extreme weather, severe weather, and any marine warnings. Check the Maui weather reports before going to the beach, so you will have a good idea what to expect when you get there.

On this page, we have brought together most of the information that is useful to check the weather every day. There are many good forecasting tools, and satellite images of the world’s weather that will ultimately affect our region. Below is a general description of the monthly averages that will give you an overview of seasonal variations so your ocean experience will be a safer and more enjoyable one!

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Monthly Weather

Seasonal Weather

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