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Why Choose Action Sports Maui


Not all schools are the same. So when you are comparing schools you should look at the quality of the instruction, their track record, reputation, and the teaching methods they use. The first few lessons and hours that you spend learning will either make or break your future in the sport. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport that requires accurate information and specific techniques to be done safely (Just like scuba diving) So you definitely want to seek out the very best instruction available.

When compared to other schools, our school should be your first choice. We were the original (first) kiteboarding school in Hawaii since 1996 and have been teaching full time since 1997′ (far longer than any other school). We have taught more people to kiteboard and have developed many of the teaching systems in use today. We are also the premier center for instructor training and certification too, and we are the center where other schools send their instructors to be trained.

No other school is so active in updating and renewing their teaching programs. We put a lot of energy into creating the optimal learning environment. Our instructors are the most highly trained, and we are at the leading edge of new programs. Most other schools use dated programs (which still work but have since been improved on). Our students benefit from the very best lesson program that we can offer.

Our courses are designed to be tailored to individual students. Fast learners can breeze through the physical skills that may take a slower learner more time. This way you will spend more time learning the skills that are new to you. You learn at your own pace. Our program is structured to ensure that you do not skip any of the fundamentals, and acts as a check list so that no vital information is missed. For example someone with advanced wake/snowboard experience may need some very basic wind theory.

We teach some of the world’s best athletes in many different disciplines, and succeed by bridging their existing skills to the Kiteboarding skill set. We advise all our students to come to the program with an open mind and to be prepared to learn a unique and challenging sport. (This attitude makes the difference between mastering the basics of the sport in a few days, or flailing and being totally frustrated for a few weeks.) Please take some time to review or different programs. We highly recommend the three and five-day programs, if you have the time.

There is a new page (Discover Kiteboarding program) recently added to the website that accurately describes the typical first Day of your lessons (there is much to learn). Check it out by clicking through to our beginner lesson on our lessons page or follow the link, Action Sports Discover Kiteboard Program

Having taught thousands of people to kiteboard safely, We have maintained an unmatched safety record. The primary goal of the schools is to teach safe techniques in a controlled environment.  When dealing with the natural elements of wind energy and wave energy, there are extreme forces at work that need to be understood and respected. each student starts with skills to assess the weather conditions, and leaves the lessons with an understanding of their abilities and limitations. each student will develop a sense of respect for the ocean environment that will serve to keep them from blundering into conditions that are too extreme to handle.

At Action Sports Maui, the customer comes first and we always stand behind our service 100%.