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IKO Kiteboarder vCard

New IKO Phone App and Kiteboarder vCard

Each registered IKO member has their own vCard on their App.
To access the vCard, the student/kiter has to download the IKO App on their phone, sign in to the app with their IKO account (same as on the website) and click on the vCard button to show their current certification.

Activating your IKO account and vCard:
Be aware that accessing the vCard is NOT mandatory to access/activate their certification. The certification process has not changed: when the student is certified by the instructor, he/she will receive an email saying “Activate your account”. In this email, there is a link to complete their profile on the IKO website, a feedback form to fill in on their¬†instructor/lessons and an offer to buy a membership at 50% off. Their certification is then in their profile and they can access it anytime with an internet browser on their phone or computer like before. The app is just a convenient and easy way to show their certification “on-the-go”.