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Kiteboarder Handbook

IKO Kiteboarder Handbook

The New IKO Kiteboarder Handbook goes hand in hand with your lessons from your instructor. It follows the same Kiteboarder Program that your lessons are based on, and includes very important information on Equipment, Weather, Tides, Safety, Riding Techniques- as well as lots of other very useful information. At the end of each Section, there is a short test to make sure you have understood the information. You will use this as a way of checking your progression.

The IKO has released a NEW AND IMPROVED 6th Edition!

The handbook covers the first 3 IKO Recreational Kiteboarding Levels: Discovery, Intermediate, and Independent . This new Edition has now been expanded to 92 pages with more full-color pictures for demonstration along with updated quizzes and answers designed to test your knowledge ensuring that you know safe kiteboarding.

This new handbook version was written by our very own David Dorn, and includes many diagrams and photos taken right here at Kite beach Maui. This Handbook is the workbook that is used by thousands of kiteboarding instructors worldwide and is now translated into 4 languages. This handbook is available at our online store, at our kiteschool, or from authorized dealers worldwide.