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Sailsafe Windsurfing Guidelines

Maui Boardsailing Association Sail Safe Guidelines for windsurfing on Maui In the interest of promoting safe and enjoyable windsurfing for everyone on Maui, the Maui Boardsailing Association has drawn up the guidelines for beach and water etiquette and safety. please adhere to these guidelines so we can continue to enjoy this great water sport on our island. MBA SAIL-SAFE GUIDELINES AND SUMMARY OBSERVE ● SWIMMING AREAS marked by buoys. DO NOT sail, launch or jibe within these areas. See attached map for “No Boardsailing” and “Swimming Only” zones. ● SLOW NO-WAKE ZONE – 200 feet from all beaches. ● NO JIBING within 200 feet of all beaches. 200 feet CLEAR ZONE AROUND ALL DIVERS. ● Current WEATHER reports and forecasts. ● DO NOT sail in offshore winds. ● KNOW and COMPLY with ALL NAVIGATION rules applicable to sail…