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Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui

Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui If in doubt, don’t go out! Don’t feed anything that will bite you Look before you leap! Dangerous Weather & Climate Dangerous Surf Dangerous Creatures Other Dangers Maui is a paradise, but it is also an isolated island surrounded by ocean. There are many adventures and experiences to be had, but there are also hidden dangers here too. These tips are some information intended to make you aware of some of the hidden dangers, and to help keep you safe. Ocean and Outdoor safety should be important to everyone. This advice may be second nature to some people, but other people may be hearing it for the first time. Not everyone knows these dangers exist and they may get into danger without realizing it until it is too late. Maui Lifeguards…

Beaufort Wind Scale

Beaufort Wind Scale   Developed in 1806 by Sir Francis Beaufort of England   The Beaufort Scale was created to standardize wind strength observations. Eventually adopted by the Royal Navy in 1830 it became the standard. With slight variations over the years, the scale is still used in some countries. Nowadays there are many more instruments and wind gauges available. However the Beaufort Scale is still the best way to estimate the wind speed based purely on visual observations of the sea state. In some countries, the scale goes beyond 12, and has classifications from 13-17, which are for special situations like typhoons (hurricanes). Here is the most common version of the Beaufort Scale. Force Wind (Knots) Wind (mph) WMO Classification Appearance of Wind Effects On the Water On Land 0 Less than 1 Less than 1 Calm Sea surface…