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sea life

Coral Reef Protection

      Coral Reef Protection E malama o ke kai (to care for the ocean) As an olelo noeau (Hawaiian proverb) states, “Malama i ke kai, a malama ke kai ia oe!” which means care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you. The Hawaiian word “Malama” (mah-lah-mah), means to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save, maintain. Malama is often heard in reference to taking care of Hawaii’s natural resources- Malama ka ‘āina. Coral Reef Protection and Ocean Etiquette When engaging in the marine environment we should remember that the ocean and near shore reefs are home to a multitude of species. The biology of the coral reef is an amazing interaction of elemental forces and the balance between all the species that visit and inhabit the reef. Humans have a role…