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Kiteboarder Certification Card

Kiteboarder Certification Card When you are a student learning from an IKO Instructor, you receive an IKO Kiteboarder Certification Card as part of your training package. The IKO Card certifies your skill level and is verification as you continue to train and develop. Your Instructor will fill in the remaining levels until you are a Level 3 independent rider. Future schools, instructors, rental centers, and shops then know how competent a flyer you are and most centers request you present your kiteboarder card in order to rent equipment, which is a great way to promote safety. Carry this card with you as Proof of your ability and Training. Kiteboarder Certification Cards, are your proof of your ability and training. These Cards are required on many beaches where access is restricted to certified kiteboarders. Already have kiting experience and need a…

Surfing 201

  Beyond Basics Surfing Course for Intermediates Surfing 201 in the follow on course for surfers who have mastered the basics covered in Surfing 101. Surfing 201 takes a deeper look into understanding the forces that we use in surfing and the techniques we will use to catch more waves, and ride more waves. Before reading this section you should have already read Surfing 101 and the section of How waves are made. Reading the Waves: Understanding the surfing area is crucial to understanding how the waves work and distribute their power. Most beginners cannot get into position, because they lack the skills or knowledge. or they have failed to read the conditions correctly. This diagram illustrates the typical surf break scenarios. The waves are breaking away from shore on a shallow bottom, either a reef break or a…