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Kiteboarding Travel Tips

      Master Kitesurfing Instructor, David Dorn, has been visiting the Islands for over thirty years and now lives here permanently. He knows from experience that traveling combined with Kitesurfing presents its own unique set of challenges. Use some or all of Dave’s tried and proven hints and you’ll survive many of the common pitfalls that beset the Maui greenhorn. Rent your Kitesurfing Board Airlines are becoming more strict on excess baggage and can charge you a large fee to fly with your board. To save money and hassle lugging around you stick, why not just rent the board when you get here. This is the latest kiteboarder’s travel trend. You can rent just the days you ride, and you can try different boards for different days….

Maui Ocean Safety

  Maui Ocean Safety – BE BEACH SMART SECURITY:¬†Theft is a big problem at all beaches and parks in Hawaii. Thieves will break windows to get into cars. Always lock your car, do not take valuables to the beach, do not lose your car key in the ocean, do not lock your keys is your car. I would not recommend staying around any beaches after sunset. There are a few thug types that hang out there that will take advantage of isolated or solitary people. Numerous assaults have happened at beach parks to unsuspecting tourists. Even if a local appears friendly and offers to sell you some “weed” (Called “pakalolo” in Hawaiian) in the privacy of the bushes, Don’t go with them. SUN SMART: Most visitors do not realize how strong the sun is in Hawaii. Many people will…

Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui

Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui If in doubt, don’t go out! Don’t feed anything that will bite you Look before you leap! Dangerous Weather & Climate Dangerous Surf Dangerous Creatures Other Dangers Maui is a paradise, but it is also an isolated island surrounded by ocean. There are many adventures and experiences to be had, but there are also hidden dangers here too. These tips are some information intended to make you aware of some of the hidden dangers, and to help keep you safe. Ocean and Outdoor safety should be important to everyone. This advice may be second nature to some people, but other people may be hearing it for the first time. Not everyone knows these dangers exist and they may get into danger without realizing it until it is too late. Maui Lifeguards…

Maui Windsurfing Guide

“Whether you are are a windsurfing addict or a weekend warrior, you have probably discovered that Maui is a windsurfer’s paradise. This magical island has something to offer windsurfers of all levels; Beginners, Kids, First timers. All will like the tranquil waters in Maui’s bays and coves, or the extreme athletes will hit the waves on the many reef breaks, Speed sailors will revel in the focused wind blasting over 40 knots in Ma’aleaa Bay’s Speed Beach. Maui has it all.”¬† Aloha, David Dorn WHAT MAKES MAUI SPECIAL OCEANIC CULTURE MAUI BEACHES KANAHA BEACH MAUI SEASONS MAUI GEOGRAPHY WINDSURFING KIDS CAMPS WINDSURF LESSONS WAVE SAILING WAVESAILING SPOTS BEGINNER WAVESAILING HOOKIPA BREAKS THE BONE YARD THE WEIRD WAVE WINDSURF RULES NORTH SHORE MAP 11…