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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

At Action Sports our goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience in safe and professional environment. Our policies and conditions are for the protection of our guests and staff. Please be sure to clearly communicate your needs and goals with our staff to help us to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Your satisfaction is important to us, so please take a few minutes to read this information.

Terms & Conditions:  Disclaimer:   Payment Policy:   Payment Errors:   Deposits on Credit Cards:    Pricing policy:   Tax on Accommodation:    Payment of Taxes:  Service Fees:  Discounted Pricing:    Booking Lessons & cancellation Fees:    Activities canceled by us:    Private lessons, Custom packages or Specialty Events:   Rainchecks and Rental Credits:    Equipment damage & Loss:   Students personal equipment:   Locations & Times:   Start Times:   Lesson Content:   Instruction time:   Expectations and Goals:    Physical Stress of the Activity:     Accidents and injuries:    Physical limitations and Health:   Contra Indications:    Warning signs/symptoms:   Surfer’s myelopathy:    Physical Conditioning:    Preparation for the activity:    During the activity:   Bumps & Scrapes:   Size limitations and Gear:    Legal Liability Waiver:   Refusal of Service:    Photos and video:    Overtime:   Under-time:   Instructor’s time:   Delays and tardiness:   Price Quote Policy:    Tipping Instructors & Gratuities:   How/when to Tip your Instructor:    Cancellation Policy:    Credit Policy:    Third party credits:   Website Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions:
All participants and their guardians, should first read our disclaimer, website privacy statement, and agree to our policies before making any purchase or booking. Purchasing equipment or Booking a lesson implies that you have read, understood, consent to and agree to abide by, the policies of the school and the following Terms and Conditions.


The material on this web site provides general information only and is not intended as advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent and/or alternative advice prior to making any decisions. This web site may contain information about activities and sports which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required and environment may be unsuitable or potentially dangerous for certain persons. The web site may also describe activities which involve higher than normal risk or potentially dangerous. Action Sports Maui LLC, its staff, agents, and webmasters make no representations as to the nature, quality or suitability about any or all of the activities or products shown on this site and the user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent inquiry or advice as to the suitability of the particular activity. Any comments about the classes or courses described on the site do not necessarily apply to broadly to the sports in general. And they do not apply to all locations and conditions where these sports may be practiced. Suitability of the activity varies by location, conditions, and operator experience, and course content. Ocean recreation activities in and around the ocean rely on natural forces that may be difficult to fully predict and anticipate. Wind, weather, water, waves, currents, sea creatures, other water users, hidden hazards, pollution and water traffic, are all factors that can affect the overall safety of participants. Anyone engaging in or contemplating participating in any ocean activities should take into account the potential for increased personal risk, and the possibility of severe injury, disability and even death. Action Sports Maui LLC will not be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for loss, damage, liability or inconvenience suffered by you or any other person resulting from any action or decision by you in reliance upon the information on this web site.


Use of watersports equipment requires safety training. When purchasing, renting, or using any equipment and/or product from Action Sports Maui LLC. (“ASM”), you assume all responsibility for any damage/injury that may result from using this equipment and/or product in any way. ASM assumes no liability for the use of any equipment and/or products purchased, rented, used, and by purchasing/using this equipment and/or product from ASM, you understand, acknowledge and accept this release of liability.
Payment Policy:
All lessons should be pre-paid. If you give a credit card to hold the lesson, it will be usually be charged the before the lesson. Credit card numbers given on the phone will be charged as a phone sale. The three digit Card Security Code (CSC) number on the back of the Visa/mastercard or the four digit CSC codes printed on the front of Amex cards will be sufficient as your authorization to make charges to your card. Credit cards are usually charged at the time of the booking. You may also be asked to give your billing address’s zip code as further identification. Credits or additional charges will be made to the original credit cards used to make the booking. There is a 10% rebooking fee for activities rebooked by the customer. A minimum 48hours notice of cancellation is required for any private or customized lesson. There is no credit given for any lessons canceled within 24hours. Receipts are usually emailed on request. Please indicate that you would like an email receipt at the time of booking. If you decide to extend your lesson, we will make any additional charges to the credit card that made the original booking.
When Credit Cards are charged: Credit Cards are usually charged at the Time of Booking. All lessons and activities should be pre-paid. Sometimes charges will be delayed. Additional charges and adjustments may also be made to the card  after the booking. Upgrade fees, rebooking fees, purchases, tips, and other incidental charges may be added to the card while it is still in the system. Please note: That it usually takes a few days for all charges, credits, and adjustments to show up on the credit card statement.

Deposits on Credit Cards:
All deposits and payments made for accommodation, and instructor courses, are non-refundable. When booking accommodation and travel related activities we recommend getting travel insurance, in case of any cancellations or changes. Bookings for accommodation can not be changed within 30 days of check in date. Prepayments for accommodation by check or other payment method are not refundable within 30 days of check-in date.

Payment Errors:
If you notice a duplicate charge or other accounting error on your statement, please email us with the details and we can reverse any erroneous charges usually within a few days. Our office hours are 9am -5pm Hawaii Time, Monday to Friday.
Price variations: Prices may vary from Online prices to phone prices. To get the “online discount” you must book online through the booking system. The prices quoted on the phone may vary from the website prices subject to, lesson availability, instructor availability, and our daily schedule. During our busiest times certain discounts may not be available. Prices quoted on the website are base prices for our regularly scheduled lessons with standard instructors (when available). Requesting a senior instructor or custom package, or unusual start time will usually be subject to special pricing at a higher rate.

Holiday Pricing: We have made every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and all information is updated regularly. Please note, however, that all holidays are subject to availability and as prices for holidays can change frequently, may be subject to price changes prior to confirmation of your booking. Whilst we check regularly to try to ensure that holidays are available at the prices shown, we cannot guarantee the availability of any advertised price. The current price will be given to you before you confirm your booking.

Prices subject to change at any time: Rates are usually certain once you’ve booked, but they are subject to change in the following circumstances: When the instructor change, or lesson status change. Example if you book a discounted group lesson but only a private lesson us available. Or if your instructor is sick and is replaced with a more senior instructor. When we are overbooked you may be offered a priority upgrade.


Pricing policy:
All prices are subject to change. Coupons and receipts must be presented at the time of booking. Ka’amaina discounts must provide a Hawaii driver’s license. Unused gift certificates expire after one year. Credits, rainchecks, or unused lessons will expire after one year. No discounts or coupons or credits can be applied after the lesson has been paid for. A 10% surcharge may be added for Sundays and public holidays. In the absence of any gratuity a 10% Service Charge may be added to any lesson fee. All prices are listed excluding the Hawaii State tax, services fees, or gratuities.  Service Fees and taxes will be added where applicable. Hi Tax is a mandatory General Excise tax levied on all goods and services in the state of Hawaii.
Tax on Accommodation:
Accommodations have 12.42% tax plus some booking fees usually apply. Most of our accommodations have a minimum three night stay, cleaning fees, and key deposits. There is a 10% fee for cancellations or re-bookings. No refunds, credits or cancellations allowed within thirty (30) days on prepaid accommodation (other conditions may apply).
Service Fees:
Service Fee of 5% will be added to all products and activities including lessons and rentals.
Payment of Taxes:
All retail products and services including lessons are subject to the Hawaii State General Excise Tax GET. As is usual practice all the Prices quoted do not include the State Tax. 4.17% will be added to each price for the calculation of the total. This is the usual customary practice in Hawaii. Payment of state taxes is mandatory. We cannot waive the taxes, so please do not ask.
Discounted Pricing:
All lesson packages have discounted pricing. The discount is calculated on the total quantity of lessons being pre-purchased. No other discounts will apply to discounted packages or products. Discounts, coupons or club members credits cannot be combined. Ka’amaina discounts must provide a Hawaii driver’s license. If a person purchases a lesson package and does not complete the full package. They may receive a partial credit based on the time used. Based on the next lower tier of pricing. For example the three-day price break, only applies to three completed days of instruction, if a person only completes two days, they will be charged for two days at the single day rate, and be credited the difference from what they paid (less the 10% cancellation fee on the difference). There is no credit for last minute cancellations (within 24 hours).
Booking Lessons & cancellation Fees:
We are a service industry. We sell our time and expertise. When you make an appointment we block out our schedules to guarantee you the exclusive use of our time. We need a minimum 24hours notice to rebook any regularly scheduled group activities. No refunds or credit are giving if cancelled within that time. In some cases you may be allowed to rebook your lesson up to 48 hours before the commencement of the lesson. Lessons may be rebooked to another time slot for a 10% rebooking fee. There is no credit given for lessons canceled within 24 hours. There will be no credit for pre-paid activities cancelled by the customer.
Activities canceled by us:
Activities canceled by us before they start for bad weather may get a rain-check, and receive credit for the value of the lesson less the rebooking fee, the remaining value will be given as store credit or may be used towards another lesson.  Lessons canceled during the lesson due to worsening weather, do not receive a refund, as ceasing an activity in response to weather is part of the lesson, and part of any outdoor activity.
Private lessons, Custom packages or Specialty Events:
Private lessons and private groups will generally need a minimum of 72 hours notice to change any times etc. Any private lessons, prepaid custom courses, ITC courses, group bookings, and specialty events that are pre-paid are not subject to any refund if canceled within 30days.
Rain-checks and Rental Credits:
We sell our time and a slot in a limited schedule. When you book a lesson we commit our resources to your lesson. If you fail to show up for the appointed time of your lesson of camp, you will forfeit the value of your lesson or camp and will not receive a rain-check. When we have to cancel a lesson due to bad weather we will reschedule your lesson to the next available time slot. If there are no time slots available, you may be given a Rain-check, and rebook your lesson up to one (1) year from your original lesson date. Rain-check credits can sometimes be  transferred to another one of our lesson packages of equivalent value. Rental packages are discounted blocks that can be used during the agreed time. All unused rental credits and rain-checks expire after one year.
Equipment damage & Loss:
All participants must be aware of the potential for equipment damage and breakage during these activities. If a student damages equipment during a lesson, they fully responsible for the repair or replacement costs. Students are responsible for repair or replacement of any rental gear, and any gear used in lessons. Participants are 100% responsible for all damage and loss including, accidental, deliberate, incidental, or negligent action. Damages or replacement costs may be paid in cash or charged to the credit card that made the lesson booking. By making the booking you agree to pay the cost of any repairs to damaged gear, or replacement cost of lost gear. A standard replacement fee may be charged to the booking card at the end of the session, or after the repairs have been made.
Students personal equipment:
Students are sometimes allowed to use their own equipment during lessons, however this is subject to approval of the instructor. We do not allow old or unsafe gear to be used. We only want to encourage the students to use appropriate size kites, and up-to-date safety systems. When the instructor allows the student to use their own equipment is not a guarantee that the equipment is, safe, or suitable, or in good repair. This is ultimately the decision and responsibility of the rider/user to use their own gear. The student/participant takes full responsibility for any of their own personal gear they use in their lesson/session. When using gear in a lesson/session, it is assumed that the instructor has the permission to; setup, adjust, test, and ride the student’s gear. However the instructor is not responsible for any damage, or loss to the student’s equipment.
Locations & Times: 
Locations are subject to change. There are certain restrictions by location, dates, beach closures, and/or unsuitable conditions that may cause us to relocate the activity. Many beaches are closed on State holidays, and Sundays. On some occasions we may need to reschedule or cancel the lesson. Be prepared to relocate to a new location if necessary.
*7-days per week: Not all locations are available 7-Days per week, so we may use a combination of locations on different days to offer the activity on all 7days. *Start Times: Not all locations can offer all the different start times. Due to geography and weather effects, we can only schedule certain locations at particular times. To take advantage of a particular start time in may be necessary to change to a different location.
Start Times:
Your lesson starts at the agreed lesson start time. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for delays, and preparation time. If you are late for a group lesson the group may start without you. It is up to the instructor to determine if you are able to join back into the group. Being late may detract for the rest of the group and inhibit the flow of the lesson. Lessons may progress to a different location, or leave the van to go to the beach. Catching up to the group may not be possible. Private lessons: If you are late for a private lesson or group the instructors will wait a maximum of thirty minutes at the location before being dismissed. If you arrive late but within 30minutes of the start time the instructor may give you the remaining lesson time if it is practical to do so. Your lesson is booked for a set time slot. If you are late for your lesson, it will usually shorten your lesson. If you miss your lesson appointment, there is no credit given.
Lesson Content:
Preparation, rigging, safety briefings, evaluations and training are part of these sports. Equipment changes, test flights, repairs, re-rigging and adjustments are part of the lesson time. During any lesson the amount of in-water time will vary and depend on the weather, and the students degree of preparedness for the activity. A student’s experience, abilities, physical and mental state will usually be evaluated prior to the lesson to ascertain the appropriate lesson plan. If a student needs a lot of safety information, the in-water portion of the lesson will be reduced proportionately. Instructors may also choose to wait for optimal conditions to present themselves before allowing students to enter the water. Traffic, weather and water condition, and water inhabitants will all have a bearing on the decision to go or not go at any time. For safety reasons, the instructors have the final say. If necessary the instructor can complete the entire lesson on the land. Lectures, information, advice, hints, skills, and any other use of the instructor’s time are all part of the lesson.
Instruction time:
Lessons fees are calculated on elapsed instructor time: At the scheduled start time the lesson begins, if the student is ready on time or not. The Instructor time includes all of the introductions, evaluations, explanations, equipment selection, weather check. The time walking from the van to the launch site, gear setup time, and theory talk time. Students taking breaks, rest stops, water breaks, and bathroom breaks during lesson, does not stop the clock. Only pre-scheduled lunch breaks in special extended all day lessons, are off the clock. Lesson time also includes the instructor retrieving additional gear from van, changing launch sites, waiting for wind cycles, waiting for water traffic, riding the gear upwind for the student, and carrying gear for student, or any other errand or task done on the student’s behalf. It also includes time spent, untangling lines, trimming gear, pumping up one or more kites, swimming in gear, looking for lost gear, and finally putting the gear away at the end of the lesson.
Expectations and Goals:
When making your bookings please tell us your; experience level, expectations, goals, physical condition, and any special needs. This helps us to schedule you with the best instructor and advise you on the most suitable lesson or course. At the beginning of your lesson or camp, tell your instructor the same information so they can better tailor the lesson for you. Your instructor should be able to advise you if your expectations are realistic. And what may be achievable goals. Give your instructor feedback during the lesson, if the pace is too fast or too slow. If you are tired or cold, or suffering any pain or discomfort. They may be able to modify the pace to suit you. For safety reasons, the majority of safety information and training cannot be skipped. If you have previous experience and safety training, your instructor may quiz you to test your knowledge or have you attempt to demonstrate a certain skill prior to the activity. Do not overstate your ability, or hide any health problems. It is best for you to fully disclose your situation to the instructor. Let your instructor know when you are getting out of your comfort zone or are having problems of any kind. Please be aware that results vary from lesson to lesson and according to each individual participant.
Physical Stress of the Activity:
Outdoor sports regularly require moderate to high physical activity. Participants may be put in situations that require bursts of exertion like swimming for a board, or moving quickly to duck under a wave etc. There are also prolonged exertions for the duration of the activity, and endurance and fatigue may become factors in your ability to function safely in the proposed activity. Participants should be able to carry and lift their equipment, walk over uneven surfaces, and walk through soft sand, and may be required to climb onto boats or over obstacles. Each participant should posses a reasonable degree of flexibility, dexterity, and agility. There may be situations requiring sudden movements, reaching, bending, twisting, pushing and pulling, higher than normal loads on knees, and joints. Extremes of posture and hyperextensions, and even holding prolonged postures that may become uncomfortable. It is up to the individual participant to keep their level of activity within the reasonable expectations of their health and physical condition. Check in with their body and avoid any potentially injurious actions. If you have any doubts about your ability to perform a required task you should immediately inform your instructor. There may be an alternate action or motion available that could help you to avoid stressing a particular part of your body. Instructors are not medical advisors, so any serious concerns or chronic motion limitations or problems you have should be addressed and evaluated by sports medicine experts.
Accidents and injuries:
Each participant should report any accidents to the instructor, even seemingly minor ones. Examples: falling hard, getting hit by a board, blow to the abdomen, bumping their head or neck, twisting or hyper-extending joints. Fainting, loss of consciousness, getting winded, crunching sounds from ribs etc, cuts, heavy bruises. Simple accidents or injuries can become complicated and even sometimes life threatening in the water environment. Example: fainting in the water can lead to drowning. So please take all accidents seriously and report them to your instructor. Any activity in the ocean environment includes risk of contact with various sea creatures including; jellyfish, sea urchins, coral, fish bite, etc.
Physical limitations and Health:
Each participant is responsible for determining their ability to perform the required activity. If you have any doubts as to your physical ability to engage in these activities you should first consult your doctor. Please inform us about your physical status and health especially if you have any issues.
Contra Indications:
We do not recommend any of our activities for women who are pregnant. We do not recommend any of our activities to people who have been recently hospitalized for any major injury or illness. Do not go into the water if you have stitches, open wounds, or recent tattoos. Do not engage in any of these activities if you are having back or neck pain, or have a history of chronic back or neck problems.
Warning signs/symptoms:
It is the responsibility of the participant to inform their instructor and stop the activity if they are having any neck or back pain, tingling, numbness, difficulty breathing, light headedness, panic attack, or any other medical symptom. If a participant requires any medications, they should be sure to bring them along and have them available if needed.
Surfer’s myelopathy (SM):
Surfer’s myelopathy is a rare non-traumatic spinal cord injury caused by hyperextension of the back. When the back is hyperextended, a blood vessel leading to the spine can become kinked, depriving the spinal cord of oxygen. The condition gets its name because the phenomenon is most often seen in those surfing for the first time, but it can be caused by any activity in which the back is hyperextended. To help reduce the chance of injury surfers should not stay in the hyper-extended position for extended periods, and should instead sit on their boards, and move around and change body positions frequently. This promotes better blood circulation to the spine. Students should stop surfing if they experience tingling numbness loss of control or movement in the limbs or extremities. Students should inform the instructor of any change in physical condition, including numbness/tingling etc, and ask to stop the activity. If the numbness/tingling stays medical treatment should be sought immediately. it is better to seek medical assistance quickly rather than wait. Better safe than sorry.
Physical Conditioning:
In general, low impact type exercise like; Walking, Cycling, Swimming, and gentle Yoga type exercises supervised by a professional might be beneficial to prepare the body for the activities. Physical conditioning should commence well in advance of participation of the activities. Any program of physical exercise should be recommend by a doctor or sports training professional. Individual exercise needs and limitations vary from person to person.
Preparation for the activity:
It might be prudent to have a physical examination if you have not engaged in regular physical activities for a while. Regular exercise, warm ups, and gentle stretching is advisable to help prevent strain type injuries. before any outdoor activity participants should be sufficiently rested, hydrated, and nourished.
During the activity: During prolonged activities breaks can be taken for water, food, or to take any necessary medications. The individual participant should monitor their own physical condition and state prior to and during all activities. Participants should always alert their instructor when they are reaching their limits, or when they require a rest break. it is the responsibility of the participant to stop the activity when they have any physical/medical reason to.
Bumps & Scrapes:
Outdoor activities can often expose participants to the likelihood of injury. Small injuries are inevitable. Bumps and bruises, rashes, rubs, scrapes, and scratches, can occur unexpectedly at any time. Board bangs, fins, stubbed toes, stepping on rocks and coral. Sunburn, and stings are a part of the package when you engage in ocean sports. If you have lowered immune system you may get increased risk of infections from cuts, or if you have a problem with bleeding, you should take maximum precautions in this area. We recommend covering as much skin as possible. Wearing booties, rash guards, board shorts, lycra pants or wetsuits, and helmets, and jackets when appropriate, will save you from most bumps, nicks, stings and scrapes. And can help prevent sunburn too. If you get any kind cut of scrape, it is advisable to treat it with appropriate antiseptic or antibiotic, and first aid.  (This is not medical advice, but good common sense).
Size limitations and Gear:
Really lightweight people & really heavy people may have difficulty getting suitable equipment. Wherever possible we will accommodate the student, however please disclose at the time of the booking if you weigh over 220 pounds (100kgs), or are significantly lighter that an average person etc. To help us provide a safer and better lesson, we should know the age weight and height of students, and approximate physical condition. If you are too small for our protective gear, or to light handle the, sail sizes, wind or wave conditions it may become a safety issue. If you are too large for our equipment, we will try to find larger gear, and there may an additional charge. If you are too large for any equipment available we will try to let you know as politely as possible so you will not be frustrated by the experience. And it diminishes our ability to render assistance in case of emergency. In general our maximum weight limit is a fit 230 pounds. All participants in any water activity must be able to swim. If you are a weak swimmer just let us know. You may be asked to sign a declaration of fitness.

Please note: Heavier people will tend to be harder on equipment and will statistically break more gear. Heavier people must anticipate this increased potential for breakages, and be prepared to incur the costs of repairs and replacements. By participating in any of our lessons, sessions, or rentals all participants must agree to pay for 100% of repairs or replacement costs of gear.

Legal Liability Waiver:
All students must sign a waiver form before commencing any activity. Students under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver form for them. All participants should completely read the liability waiver, booking forms, and our terms and conditions, completely and fully understand them prior to their lesson or session.
Refusal of Service:
We retain the right to refuse service at any time. If a student is unable or unwilling to participate safely, or follow the directives of the instructors or staff, we may refuse to serve them. We may stop a lesson or activity at any time for the safety of the participant, ourselves, or the general public. Cooperation, communication and trust are vital to our ability to provide these services.
Photos and video: 
Some of our lessons may be photographed by or videoed by our staff or 3rd party photographers. Specific photography or video services are usually available on request by pre-arrangement. Some images may be made available for sale to participants. Photos for private use only. Unless specifically contracted, no commercial use of photos is permitted. All Images and videos taken during the activity and lessons remain the property of the photographer and/or Actions Sports Maui LLC. Photos may be used by us in promotional material, for commercial use, for in-house training, or other instructional purposes. If you have any specific privacy issues, please inform us before your lessons.
If you may want to do overtime, you must inform us when making your booking. Often instructors and gear are being used in back to back appointments. So an extended lesson is not always possible. If we know in advance, we can make provision to extend your lesson. Any lesson overtime will be charged for at the former rate. If you go over your lesson time, your credit card will be charged for the extra time. Please keep track of the time during your lesson to avoid running up the bill.
It is the student’s prerogative to stop a lesson at any time. If a student decides to quit early due to fatigue or other reason, there is no credit. If an instructor decides to stop a lesson early due to weather; they can continue the lesson on land, or in some cases a partial credit for remaining time may be given. If an instructor decides to stop a lesson early for safety reasons, or if the student is uncooperative, has health problems, or is intoxicated, there is no credit for remaining time.
Instructor’s time:
Your instructor is a professional service provider. Instructors get paid for their work based on time. Instructors only have a finite amount of time each day to earn a living. To maximize your lesson value please be on time for your lesson. The lesson begins at the appointed start time (Unless the instructor is late). If the instructor is late additional time may be given at the end of the lesson if the schedule allows. Please be prepared for the lesson; sunscreen on, get dressed, any personal gear ready etc. Instructor time elapses regardless of the type of activity during the lesson. Instructors get paid for talking time, prep time, and water time. So keep your discussions on-topic if you want specific information, or hang out and socialize if you prefer, it is your lesson. Instructors can test your personal gear and kite equipment for you, this is also part of your lesson time.
Time Shifting:
Your instructor may decide to delay the start of the lesson due to weather or other similar reasons. In these cases we simply shift the start time, and the finish time will be shifted correspondingly. Please be sure to tell your instructor if you have any scheduling restrictions. If you cannot reschedule with the instructor, please call the office for rescheduling a lesson to another day, or to arrange any refunds.
Delays and tardiness:
If for any reason you are running late, please give us a call. Just let us know the reason and the revised arrival time. Most of the time we can try to work with your situation. But if you just show up late and the instructor is at waiting at beach, then we start the lesson on time. If you completely no-show for a lesson, and do not call ahead of time to tell us, the full lesson fee is charged.
Price Quote Policy:
All the prices quoted on the website are current at the time of publication. Website prices are relevant for website online bookings. Phone prices are based on lesson availability and schedule limitations. Actual prices may vary at the time of booking. Prices quoted do not include the HI state tax, service charges, fees, or gratuities.
Tipping Instructors & Gratuities:
Like a waiter, your instructor is a service giver. Giving a Tip is a great way to show that you appreciate your instructor. Tipping waiters (and kiting instructors) is customary in Hawaii, as it is in the rest of the USA. Tips usually range from 15-20% of the lesson price and usually take the form of cash. Tips are usually given directly to the instructor at the end of each lesson. You can write the tip on your booking form if you would like to add it to your credit card.
How/when to Tip your Instructor:
Instructors should never ask directly for tips, so it is up to the customer to remember to give a gratuity if they wish to do so. Instructors are not allowed to accept “verbal” credit card tips. Instead, you may write a tip amount on your booking form or credit card slip before or after the lesson. Tips can be paid in cash, or on customer credit cards (but only with a specific request). The customer may call in to the office and have the tip added to their credit card bill for their instructor. Please do not tip instructors with alcohol, intoxicants or contraband. Tips/gratuities are given to the instructors you indicate. In the absence of any indicated gratuity a Standard 15% Gratuity is usually added to group bookings or multiple day lessons. If you specifically do not want to give any gratuity, then simply write a Zero (0) in the tip area of your booking form.
Cancellation Policy:
In general a minimum of 24hours notice is required to rebook any lesson. No Discount for cancellations within 24 hours of the activity. *Special conditions apply to specialty courses, private lessons, clinics, accommodations, and third party agent bookings.
Credit Policy:
If there is no wind on the day of your wind-sports lesson, we can reschedule your lesson for a different time or day. If we run out of wind & you complete two(2) out of three (3) hours, you only pay for the portion used, and we may give a partial credit for the difference. If you book and pay for a five-day course, and only do three, you just pay the three day rate, and get a credit for the difference. If you book and prepay for a five-day course and only do four days, you will be charged for four days at the three-day rate, and be credited the difference. There are no credits, for “No Shows”, or drop outs. Calling in “sick” on the day of your scheduled lesson is not grounds for a credit without a doctor’s note.
Third party credits:
Credits will be made by the original source of your booking. If you book online or through an agent please contact the people you originally booked with to obtain any credits. Policies may vary from one agent to another.
Website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how “” uses and protects any information that you give “” when you use this website(s).

“” is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

“” may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from Jan 1st, 2014.

What we collect

We may collect the following information:

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What we do with the information we gather

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  • Internal record keeping.
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We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

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