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What is Wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing, Wingboarding, Winging are different names for the newest windsport on the scene. Wingsurfing has slowly been developing and isn’t yet on most peoples radar. Just in the last year or two Wingsurfing has begun to emerge on the windsports scene. As usual, Maui is at the forefront of this new wind-powered sport. Our team have been building and testing gear, and developing our wingsurf lesson program for several years, and we and now offer wingsurfing gear and specialty wingsurfing lessons. Wingsurfing can be relatively easy to learn, and we now have the tools to make it accessible to anyone reasonably fit and willing to learn. When wingsurfing you can can use a variety of boards, from stable SUP boards all the way up to advanced foilboards. The choice of board depends on your skill set and the conditions you want to ride in. This sport already appeals to all manner of people, young and old, the serious, and the laid-back casual riders. The secret of the sport is a simple and pure wing system. The wing is less complicated than a kite, and lighter than a windsurf sail. You can also ride in less wind than traditional kiteboards, or windsurfers.  People who are getting into wingsurfing are coming from a variety of backgrounds and sports, including Stand up paddle boarding, foilboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and kiting. But many people are interested in this as their very first wind sport or water sport. Some of our students have never been in the ocean before and are learning to wingsurf. But beware, once people try the sport they often become addicted to it. It is a lot of fun and definitely worth trying it and experience it for yourself.   

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