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Experience the thrill of e-foiling

Quick Details

E-foiling is the easiest foil-sport. Anyone can do it in one of our personalized training sessions. All participants must be able to swim and be confident in the water. E-foiling does not need wind, surf or previous experience. We love cruising on flat water. Usually mornings are best for the smoothest ride.

2 hours

E-foiling is a fun watersport, combining a surfboard powered by an electric motor and a hydrofoil, At cruising speeds the hydrofoil lifts the board out of the water for a smooth quiet ride. The basics are best learned on flat water, but experts can ride in the surf and do tricks. The basics of e-foiling can be mastered in a few sessions. People do not need any experience to learn. We can teach all the necessary skills, however skills from other sports do crossover and boost your learning curve. Surfers, water-skiers, kiteboarders, wind-wingers, will all relate to the e-foil in different ways. We have lots of experience teaching people with different skill sets, and our method of teaching is adapted to the student’s skill sets, strengths and learning style.