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Private Wingsurfing Lesson on Maui

2 Hours • gear included.

Private Wingsurfing Lesson 2 Hours • Up to 6 People
Private 3-Day Course 6 hour total • 2 hours per day
Private 5-Day Course 10 hour total • 2 hours per day

Learn How to Wingsurf!

Learning to Wingsurf is a great way to use the wind and have fun in the ocean. Wingsurfing combines using a free moving hand-held wing while standing on a board. Our experienced instructors show you the basics on land, and in the calmer waters closer to shore. No experience is necessary. All participants must be able to swim.

This Maui lesson is essential to your success and adds a lot of enjoyment to the learning process. For this lesson, we can choose from several great sailing locations with sandy beaches and warm water. And we only sail when the weather conditions are suitable.

In your Maui Wing-surfing lesson, we give you specialized beginner’s boards that are strong and stable. Our instructors then select the best Wing to suit the individual student. All levels of Wingsurfing lesson are available, just ask.