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The Action Sports Difference

The Action Sports Difference


Expert Instructors

ASM is has the best and most experienced instructors on Maui, they are trained and *Certified under the internationally Recognized teaching standards. Action Sports Maui known globally for its highly trained instructors. Every single member of our team is professionally trained and certified, and has the experience to tailor the lessons to the individual Kiter.


Personalized Lessons

Our team’s goal is to help the individual student reach their goals while maintaining the highest levels of safety, using only the latest proven and approved teaching methods available. Our goal is to help kites reach independent level, while enjoying the learning experience. Every student learns differently and our instructors have the  experience and training to allow them to adapt and tailor the lesson to the individual learning styles, while never compromising safety. Each student receives the kiteboarder certification card according to the level achieved.


Top of the Line Equipment

Action Sports Maui distinguishes itself from other schools by providing the complete line of Naish Kiteboarding Equipment, which is recognized as one of the world’s leading Brand of Kite gear. Naish is the oldest and most experienced Kiteboarding Brand, and it is founded in Hawaii and is a locally owned company, with an established international network and solid global reputation. Naish gear is designed and developed in Hawaii. We always offer the most current Naish kites and boards.