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Maui Info

Kite Trips Maui

Discover the exciting world of Maui kiteboarding:  We host Kite trips to Maui for all levels of Kiters and non-kiting family members. If you want to Kite every day in great conditions or mix Kiting with some sightseeing and cultural activities we have a plan to suit you. Each Kite Trip is customized to your needs and budget. We can arrange everything so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Maui is known as one of the most reliable and best kiteboarding locations on the planet, with warm side shore winds and accessible ocean and a range of conditions to suit every rider.

Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital

Maui is the Adventure Sports Capital: Other islands have their highlights, Big island has great Diving, Kauai has great hiking, and Oahu has its famous surfing. But only Maui has all of these sports and More. Maui’s natural elements are a water-sports paradise with accessible ocean, waves, wind, and warm water. Maui’s Leeward shores are great…

Kiteboarding Gear Rentals

Kiteboarding Gear Rentals

We have Kiteboarding Gear Rentals available for experienced persons only.  Bring your IKO Kiteboarder Card as proof of ability, or do a checkout ride with one of our instructors. We have the latest gear available. Rent a complete setup, Kite Only or Board Only. Prebook kite gear with us to ensure availability.

The Action Sports Difference

The Action Sports Difference


Expert Instructors

ASM is has the best and most experienced instructors on Maui, they are trained and *Certified under the internationally Recognized teaching standards. Action Sports Maui known globally for its highly trained instructors. Every single member of our team is professionally trained and certified, and has the experience to tailor the lessons to the individual Kiter.

Kiteboarding Travel Tips




Master Kitesurfing Instructor, David Dorn, has been visiting the Islands for over thirty years and now lives here permanently. He knows from experience that traveling combined with Kitesurfing presents its own unique set of challenges. Use some or all of Dave’s tried and proven hints and you’ll survive many of the common pitfalls that beset the Maui greenhorn.

How to Read a Weather Map

HOW TO READ A WEATHER MAP by David Dorn “Weather Maps may seem confusing when you first see them. But you can learn the basics easily. The information they contain helps us to understand the current weather picture and to make future weather predictions. Just looking out your window only tells you the immediate weather…

Maui Ocean Safety

  Maui Ocean Safety – BE BEACH SMART SECURITY: Theft is a big problem at all beaches and parks in Hawaii. Thieves will break windows to get into cars. Always lock your car, do not take valuables to the beach, do not lose your car key in the ocean, do not lock your keys is your…

Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui

Ocean & Outdoor Safety on Maui If in doubt, don’t go out! Don’t feed anything that will bite you Look before you leap! Dangerous Weather & Climate Dangerous Surf Dangerous Creatures Other Dangers Maui is a paradise, but it is also an isolated island surrounded by ocean. There are many adventures and experiences to be…

Coral Reef Protection

      Coral Reef Protection E malama o ke kai (to care for the ocean) As an olelo noeau (Hawaiian proverb) states, “Malama i ke kai, a malama ke kai ia oe!” which means care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you. The Hawaiian word “Malama” (mah-lah-mah), means to take care of,…