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December on Maui

Winter Solstice December 21st.

December is the wettest month in Hawaii, which is great as most of the islands have been in drought for a long time, this gives our aquifers a chance to recharge, and many parts of our island get to go green again.

December is also a time of winter waves and swell. Maui gets its biggest waves in the winter and hosts several big wave surfing contests. In December you might also catch a glimpse of some island snow on the volcanoes of the Big Island, or you might even see some Snow atop Haleakala here on Maui. December is also whale season so there are all types of whale watching tours, and submarine tours run all year round.

Although it is Winter the ocean temperatures are on average 77 degrees, so swimming and surfing are pleasant, although the early morning air temperatures may dip into the 60’s, so you might need a sweat-shirt. As always there are many different microclimates around Maui, and you can usually find cooler weather upcountry, or warmer weather at the coast, rain on the windward side, and sun on the leeward shores. Hiking is not recommended during rainy spells, but instead, you can visit the winery or tour around sightseeing.

Some activities will be postponed in the rain while others are not affected by it. So check with your activity providers to help you plan your activities to take into account the weather forecast. Some rain showers will only last a few minutes or an hour, while some may persist longer. Remember that you might be stuck in a rain cloud in Hana for a week while the rest of the island is sunny, so be prepared to move around to find the best conditions. Having said that, beware of flash floods. Never attempt to cross water flowing over roadways by foot or by car. If necessary you may need to wait an hour or two for a safe time to cross. Take care swimming on beaches with big shore-break, and always try to only swim at lifeguarded beaches for maximum safety.


Rainy day Activities:

  • Surfing (light rain usually ok).
  • Kiteboarding (light rain usually ok).
  • Whale-watching tours.
  • Atlantis Submarine.
  • Road to Hana (but not during flash flood watch).
  • The Sugar Museum.
  • Bailey House Museum.
  • Front Street Lahaina.
  • Art Galleries.
  • Craft Galleries.
  • Maui Ocean Center Aquarium.
  • Restaurants. Maui tropical Plantation, Millhouse.
  • Cruise Surf Shops.
  • Surfing History Museum (closed).
  • Watch the Surfers at Hookipa/Honolua/Jaws.
  • Go to the Gym.
  • Go to the Spa.
  • Get a Massage, out-call or in-call.
  • Read a book. Go to the library.
  • Watch a Movie at the theater.
  • Go see a Show.
  • Get a Manicure Pedicure.
  • Whalers Village Museum.
  • Baldwin Home Museum (Lahaina).
  • Souvenir Shopping.
  • Kihei Kalama Village.
  • See a Magic Show (Warren & Annabelle’s).
  • Visit the Humane Society.

December Rainbows