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Instructor Training


The IKO certification is accepted worldwide and is the most highly regarded qualification in the industry. Upon successful completion of the instructor’s requirements, the course graduates will receive the official IKO Instructor Certificate signed by their trainers, and they will be registered on the IKO’s International Instructor database.” width=”570″ height=”380″ border=”0″ />

Instructor Training

Instructor Training Courses Maui
Our kiteboarding Instructor Training Courses are recognized around the world. There are a limited number of places available in each course so bookings are essential.

The AITC (Assistant Instructor Course) 
The Assistant Course is where you will learn about becoming a professional instructor, this 5-day course is designed to give you real experience working with professional instructors in a school setting. The course is divided into practical, theoretical, and technical sections. The assistant instructor will become proficient in technical aspects of gear preparation, function, tuning and repair. Candidates become familiar with the functioning of a kite school, learn to give the basic ground school lessons, and work with real students, and take on the responsibilities for managing kiteboarders, while under the supervision of an experienced level2 certified kiteboard instructor (or above) This course is the precursor for the ITC and higher levels.
The ITC (Instructor Training Course) 
ITC Instructor Training Courses are run by a qualified IKO Examiner. The ITC is a 5-day course that will prepare the candidates for a professional teaching career. The course will include knowledge of the teaching system, teaching methodology, technical understanding of the physics of kiteboarding, a practical skills test and a practical teaching assessment. The course is designed to identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and help them to become a safe and “well rounded” instructor.
Maui courses have the added benefit of the warm water location and the very reliable trade winds. Candidates come from all over the world to do their training on Maui, and will often extend their stay on Maui to make a longer kiteboarding vacation.
Employment opportunities
There is a huge demand for Certified Instructors. Kiteboarding is a growing industry, and there are plenty of opportunities for qualified instructors to work at home and abroad. There are positions available for; Assistants, Instructors, head instructors, and school managers. Kiteboarding instructors can travel and work year round following the wind.
We provide internship opportunities for new trainers to gain real life working environment. There is a demand for real experience that will prepare graduates for the demands of working in a professional commercial setting in a variety of different conditions.
Instructor Exchange
We regularly exchange instructors with other schools, and we can find placements in many different destinations. Whether instructors want a working vacation or they are wishing to relocate. We are always looking for good reliable instructors either permanently or part time.
Teaching as a Career
There is a program for every level of kiteboarder from their first day onward. A kiteboarder can learn the basics and follow the programs until they get higher levels of training and corresponding certifications. An instructor can plan a career path in the network and in the industry. The higher the instructor’s level of experience and training, the better the opportunities that are available and the higher the demand. The Instructor’s certification level represents their training, experience and dedication as an instructor.


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