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kiteboard school

Instructor Training

  The IKO certification is accepted worldwide and is the most highly regarded qualification in the industry. Upon successful completion of the instructor’s requirements, the course graduates will receive the official IKO Instructor Certificate signed by their trainers, and they will be registered on the IKO’s International Instructor database.” width=”570″ height=”380″ border=”0″ /> Instructor Training Instructor Training Courses Maui Our kiteboarding Instructor Training Courses are recognized around the world. There are a limited number of places available in each course so bookings are essential. The AITC (Assistant Instructor Course)  The Assistant Course is where you will learn about becoming a professional instructor, this 5-day course is designed to give you real experience working with professional instructors in a school setting. The course is divided into practical, theoretical, and technical sections. The assistant instructor will become proficient in technical aspects…

Discover Kiteboarding

DISCOVER KITEBOARDING Start Kitesurfing the safe and fun way, and get all the skills you need, faster! Your first day Kiteboarding is one of the most important in your Kiteboarding career. Many newcomers will decide on this day whether this is the right sport for them or not. Much depends on the experiences that you will have in the first few hours or even minutes. At Action Sports Maui we know how important your first day is, and we do our very best to give you  a safe, fun and empowering experience. Everybody is different: Kiteboarding combines two skill sets, “Kite Flying”, and “Board Riding”. Some student kiteboarders will have some of these skills from other sports like wakeboarding or flying kites as a kid. There are paragliders, pilots, windsurfers and other sportsmen that will have some background experiences to…