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Maui Kiteboarding Guidelines


Please respect other water and beach users at all times. Learn the rules and guidelines before going out. Follow the local guidelines and always fly safely. When you kiteboard on Maui you are representing all kiteboarders. Your actions both good and bad will affect the rest of us. Sharing the ocean resources is fundamental to Hawaiians. Disrespecting others right to share the resources is anti-social and will not be tolerated. Follow the posted warning signs, and always follow the directives of the lifeguards.

Maui Kiteboarding Map

With the increasing popularity of kiteboarding, kiteboarders on Maui see the need to step up self-regulating efforts to keep the sport growing in a positive direction. In addition, all kiteboarders are under specific FAA waiver stipulations. The FAA waiver stipulates that all kiteboarders must comply with: 


  1. No maneuvers shall be performed over persons or property not involved with kiteboarding activities;
  2. No kiteboarding in the 2 mile long by one mile wide corridor at the end of the runway in Spreckelsville (see map);
  3. The waiver is applicable and only valid between the hours of official sunrise and sunset;
  4. All kiteboarders operating within the area from Ho`okipa to Waihee Point shall be responsible for seeing and avoiding non-participants; and
  5. The kite will not be operated 125 feet above sea level.

The north shore of Maui is controlled by the Federal Aviation Regulations in an area that extends five miles from the boundary of Kahului Airport (OGG). All kitesurfers should get a copy of Federal Aviation Regulation 101.  a printout of the regulation can be obtained from the FAA website:  Kitesurfers intending to kitesurf on the North shore will have to comply with FAR 101 at all times. In particular FAR regulation 101.1 paragraph 2 which states that no-one may operate a kite weighing more than 5 pounds and FAR 101.7 which states that you may not fly your kite in a manner which is hazardous to persons or property. The MKA recommends that any kitesurfer on the north shore be thoroughly familiar with the FAR 101 regulations.

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