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Shore Break Warning

Shorebreak Warning: Watch out for shore break. Especially when the tide is high and the swell is up. There tends to be more shore break. Shore break is waves breaking into the shoreline, and they can be especially dangerous even when they are small. Take care when crossing through the shore break, and do not linger there. Get in and get out quickly, do not lose your footing, and definitely do not drop your kite in the shore break. Also, watch out for logs and debris in the shore-break, even rocks can get thrown around and hit you. Your board too can become a projectile if it gets caught in the shore-break. If you do drop a kite or board in the shore-break, be very careful trying to retrieve it. Don’t get caught in-between the object and the shoreline when there is a wave behind it, or it will run you over. people can get pinned under their kites or sails when the wave piles water on top of it. Note: Don’t be holding onto any kite lines as a wave hits the kite because the sudden force will cause it to wrench out of your hands too. Moving water contains a lot of energy, so make sure that you do not get in-between the moving water (wave) and the shoreline. the other danger with shore-break is getting flipped over and dumped on your head. This is super common because you will have no traction on the sea floor once you become buoyed up in the water. Key Point Recap: Shore-break is dangerous, Shore-break happens at high tide during a big swell. Do not linger in the shore-break zone. Don’t drop kite or board in shore-break. Logs, rocks, and boards can become projectiles in shore-break. Objects like kites and sails are almost impossible to hold onto in the shore break and become dangerous. Never hold onto kite lines in the shore-break. There is a high risk of getting flipped over onto your head and injured.

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