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Kids Windsurfer Class

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Kids’ Windsurfing Classes in Maui

If your child want to learn to windsurf we have the best classes in Kahului‎, HI!

These lessons are for all levels and we can teach many adult techniques as well. The minimum age is 6 years old. And must be able to swim. Kids need constant and close attention while in the ocean, especially in Maui. You want your kids to have fun and stay safe on the water, accept no less. Children have special requirements and different energy levels and attention spans, so we do not mix them with regular adult students. Instead, they can take a customized children’s lesson.

For all our kid’s lessons, we have a range of specialized children’s equipment. The specialized kid’s sails are specialized MicroSails, with youth-sized rigs, which are sophisticated scaled-down, lightweight versions of the adult performance sails. We have sail sizes ranging from 0.8 sqm, sails for the very smallest sailors, and ranging in size on up. The right equipment is essential to having a successful learning experience. A child’s introduction to the ocean in their formative years will determine their attitude about it for the rest of their lives. A kid-friendly windsurfing lesson will create a lasting impression and give the students a positive ocean experience. Gear is included.