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Windsurf Beginner Private

Quick Details

Windsurf - Beginner Class Private 1:1 - All Ages - Gear Included

Learn to Windsurf on Maui

If you’re looking for a good start in the sport of windsurfing, this Maui lesson is essential to your success. Learning to windsurf is a lot easier if someone shows you how and our windsurfing beach instructors are worth their weight in gold.

For this lesson we have chosen a great sailing location with a sandy beach surrounded by a protective reef. We only sail when the weather conditions are suitable.

In your Maui windsurfing lesson, we give you specialized beginner’s boards that are strong and stable. Our instructors then select a sail for each individual student.

The size of the sail should be matched to each individual based on their height, weight, and strength. This is a very important step to ensure your maximum enjoyment.