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Windsurfing Advanced Class

Quick Details

Private Waterstart Class Gear Not Included
Private Shortboard Basics Class Gear Not Included
Private Jibing Class Gear Not Included
Private Jumping Lesson Gear Not Included

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons in Maui

Action Sports Maui has a reputation as the most progressive windsurfing teaching center in the state. And when you join us for an advanced windsurfing lesson you’ll see how our school offers the highest levels of training available.

In the advanced windsurfing courses and clinics, our instructors are sailing with you and are on hand to give you constant advice and feedback. Our flight school can cover anything from the basic chop hop to advanced maneuvers like inverted aerials.

You can choose an intro to surf-sailing, up to full-on down-the-line wave-riding. You decide what techniques you want to learn. The training starts on the beach with the theory and orientation, then onto the water for the practical exercises.

Sailing with the instructor at your side is a lot safer too. We can show you safe jumping techniques and surf survival tips. We show you how to get some big air and some serious hang time.

Windsurfing in breaking surf is where it gets really exciting, but don’t wipe out in the impact zone until you get the right training! Wavesailing should only be attempted by strong swimmers because of the likelihood of being separated from the board. We can teach you any specific technique or we can go out and work on your general technique and troubleshoot your style, or other areas of interest.

Please note that gear is not included for these lessons and you must provide or rent your own.